Our story

Over 5 years of experience in promoting local events have led us to creating marketing solutions unique for the rogue valley. When i first started my businesses here in Grants Pass they were up and running within 2 weeks.People were intrigued and the word of mouth played a large part in the advertising success at the start. Although it seamed to be a breeze, the biggest issue i faced was advertising. Word of mouth is free a billboard that hundreds see everyday is out of my budget. I need to find an equilibrium. I did market research, surveying each customer asking how they heard about us. Surprisingly most saw us from the street or heard about us through friends. It came back to CPP (Cost per rating point). If i advertise on Facebook and reach 20,000 people for $800 dollars, am i actually making an impression for those people to come shop at my events. I found out the answer was no when 1,200 of those 20,000 showed up the next month to the market. This exercise told me i just paid $1.50 for people to hear about me and only convinced 6% my event was worth exploring. Lets try something different. 
There were questions that needed to be solved so that i know i was getting my dollars worth for this advertising. How can i convince a person look at my event? how am i able to reach a massive amount of people for the smallest dollar amount. How do i know i am reaching all residents that are in a wide spectrum of demographics in the rogue valley. Going through similarities of residents living here all have one thing in common. Each resident has a postal address. 
Posting with The Rogue Valley Post allows you to reach an audience of 10,000 different homes every two weeks. A lot of uncertainty comes with marketing events and businesses. Eliminating that is our mission. Mailing event planners and information to our local community keeps everyone involved regardless of subscription or technology limitations. When we all advertise together we save money together and for one business to spend a fraction of the cost to physically reach 20,000 homes is allowing small business to spend their marketing budget in other places to allow maximum community awareness.


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